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Bateria Para Dell Inspiron N4110 N4010 N5010 N5110 N7110 M5010 M3010 J1KND N7010D

4YRJH     312-0239   312-1202  451-11510  9JR2H  JXFRP  P10S  P20G001
06P6PN     312-0240   312-1204  4T7JN  9T48V  P07F  P11G  P20G002
07XFJJ      312-1180   312-1205   4YRJH  9TCXN  P07F001  P14E  P22G
0YXVK2     312-1197  312-1206   5XF44  GK2X6  P07F002  P17F  PPWT2
312-0233   312-1198  312-1262  7XFJJ HHWT1     P07F003  P18E  W7H3N
312-0234   312-1200  383CW  8NH55  J1KND  P08E  P18F  WT2P4
312-0235  312-1201  40Y28  965Y7  J4XDH  P10F  P20G  YXVK2


Compatible with models: (Ctrl + F for fast search your laptop model)

Dell M Series
Dell Inspiron M411R, M4040, M4110, M5040, M5010, M5110, M511R

Dell Inspiron M501 Series
Dell Inspiron M501D, M501R

Dell Inspiron M5010 Series
Dell Inspiron M5010D, M5010R

Dell Inspiron M5030 Series
Dell Inspiron M5030D, M5030R

Dell N Series
Dell Inspiron N3110, N4110, N4120, N4050, N5110, N5020, N5030 N5040, N5050, N7110

Dell Inspiron N3010 Series
Dell Inspiron N3010D, N3010R

Dell Inspiron N4010 Series
Dell Inspiron N4010-148, N4010D, N4010D-158, N4010D-248, N4010D-258, N4010R

Dell Inspiron N5010 Series
Dell Inspiron N5010D, N5010D-148, N5010D-168,N5010R

Dell Inspiron N7010 Series
Dell Inspiron N7010D, N7010R

Dell Vostro Series
Dell Vostro 1440, 1450, 1540, 1550, 3450, 3550, 3555, 3750

Dell Model P07F/P08E/P10S/P10F/P11G/P14E/P17F/P18F/P20G/P22G Series

Dell Inspiron 13R Series
Dell Inspiron 13R 3010-D330, 13R 3010-D370HK, 13R 3010-D370TW, 13R 3010-D381, 13R 3010-D430
Dell Inspiron 13R 3010-D460HK, 13R 3010-D460TW, 13R 3010-D480, 13R 3010-D520, 13R 3010-D621
Dell Inspiron 13R Ins13RD-348, 13R Ins13RD-438, 13R Ins13RD-448, 13R Ins13RD-448LR, 13R N3010
Dell Inspiron 13R N3010D-148, 13R N3010D-168, 13R N3010D-178, 13R N3010D-248, 13R N3010D-268
Dell Inspiron 13R T510431TW, 13R T510432TW

Dell Inspiron 14R Series
Dell Inspiron 14R 4010-D330, 14R 4010-D370HK, 14R 4010-D370TW, 14R 4010-D381, 14R 4010-D382
Dell Inspiron 14R 4010-D430, 14R 4010-D460HK, 14R 4010-D460TW, 14R 4010-D480, 14R 4010-D520
Dell Inspiron 14R Ins14RD-438, 14R Ins14RD-448B, 14R Ins14RD-458, 14R N4010, 14R N4010D-248
Dell Inspiron 14R N4010D-258, 14R N4110, 14R T510401TW, 14R T510402TW, 14R T510403TW

Dell Inspiron 15R Series
Dell Inspiron 15R 5010-D330, 15R 5010-D370HK, 15R 5010-D382,15R 5010-D430, 15R 5010-D460HK
Dell Inspiron 15R 5010-D480, 15R 5010-D481, 15R 5010-D520, 15R Ins15RD-458B, 15R Ins15RD-488
Dell Inspiron 15R N5010, 15R N5010D-258, 15R N5010D-278, 15R N5110

Dell Inspiron 17R Series
Dell Inspiron 17R N7010, 17R N7110